How do I use the UpSparc browser extension?

1) Click on the UpSparc icon at the top of your browser and log in. You only need to log in once.

2) Once you've logged in, you will automatically see alerts for rewards and coupons at participating stores. Make sure to click on the "Activate Rewards" button to accept the reward!

Lastly, check that you are NOT using any other coupon extension! They will interfere with your ability to earn Sparc points.

I clicked on "Activate Rewards" but didn't earn Sparc points. Why?

There could be several reasons. Most commonly:
- Sparc points will not be rewarded if you returned the purchase
- You are using another shopping or coupon browser extension
- You need to update your browser

How do I copy the coupon codes?

Just click on the code!

How do I see how many Sparc points I have?

Click on the UpSparc browser extension (the UpSparc icon at the top of your browser), then click on the profile icon. Your dashboard will show current and pending points.

Why don't UpSparc appear for some online retailers?

UpSparc only pops up for retailers that we work with. However, we are constantly adding more retailers every day!

I have questions as a Creator

Please visit the Creator FAQ page

How can I contact you?

Please email us at

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